Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to Evening/Night Classes

For the past few academic years all my classes have been with full-time students during the day. Since the demise of NCI's learning technology postgraduate courses, I have not been given evening classes and I have to say I have missed working with part-time postgraduate students. 

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This evening, the first of two Higher Diploma in Data Analytics programmes begins at the National College of Ireland. From a student recruitment point of view, this has so far been a very successful programme for the College, we will have about 140 students divided into two classes - now all we have to do is deliver! This evening, the first group start off with the module Business Analysis and Problem-Solving Techniques which I will be teaching. I will have a class of 75 students - by far the largest part-time evening class I have ever had. The class is four hours long and starts at 18:00 hours. I think this is too long and should be split over two evenings, but the time-table Gods think otherwise. It will be a challenge for me to keep going for this amount of time and keep the interest up - it will equally be a challenge for my students to keep their interest up and stay awake. Many will have completed a day's work by the time they come to class at 18:00.

The Business Analysis module is based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) methodology. It is a new module for me to teach, though it is similar to a Business Systems Analysis module I teach on the Certificate in Business Analysis course. I even managed to get my book An Introduction to Business Systems Analysis onto the reading list for the module. I'm really looking forward to this module!

One thing teaching at night means is that since I will be working late, I will not be starting work until two o'clock in the afternoon. I have the morning to myself and am writing this post at home. I plan to spend the rest of the morning writing. 

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