Thursday, September 19, 2013

Experimenting with Twitter in class #HDSDA #analytics

This semester I am using Twitter as part my Business Analysis and Problem-Solving Techniques classes on the Higher Diploma in Data Analytics. I'm doing this for sharing information only, and it is not compulsory for students to take part. Some of my colleagues have done this and I know from others that it is now becoming a popular tool for learning. In my class we agreed to use the hashtag #HDSDA - about half the class said they used either Twitter and/or Linkedin (my tweets automatically go to Linkedin). From time to time I will tweet about Business Analysis as well Data Analytics, and hope that students will benefit from and share the tweets.

I have also added the Twitter feed to my Moodle course page, but not after encountering some problems. Twitter provides a widget to generate the code, but for some reason it would not work for me yesterday (I tested it again today and it does works - I suspect a temporary glitch on Twitter side). I put a call out on Twitter for some help and Moodle genius @ghenrick responded, created the code for me, and talked me through the fix via Skype. This is a wonderful way to connect and solve a problem!

I'll be sure to survey the students and provide some analytics about the use of Twitter in my class after the semester is complete, and report my findings here.

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  1. Speaking of sharing ... how about you share the code to embed a Twitter feed on Moodle.
    Then I can copy your work, use it on my Moodle and then the plagiarism committee can start having fun.