Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YouTube - Top Ten Free Campus Uses

I read with interest an article today by Joe Dysart in the 2010 January/February edition of Today's Campus digital magazine about the "Top Ten Free Campus Uses" for YouTube. In the article, Dysart interestingly describes YouTube as the Swiss Army Knife of communications, and that it has emerged as a marketing juggernaut for colleges and universities. Dysart concludes that YouTube is a frothy mix of remarkable popularity, ease-of-entry and virtually non-existent costs that have the wheels of innovation spinning at countless colleges and universities as they continually find ways to use YouTube

In the table below are the top 10 uses of YouTube cited by experienced users - see what you think:

Marketing The most popular use of YouTube, low-budget videos can become over-night sensations.
Hiring Post information for job applicants on YouTube - your organization's values, benefits, facilities, etc.
How-Tos My own number one use of YouTube - short videos showing people how to "do" stuff.
Video FAQs EG - "What are the Lecturers like?" - show a Lecturer in action.
News Video Clips Put College news on YouTube (Duke U does this)
Focus Groups Try out a video on YouTube - eg, test the marketing punch of an ad. Use Google Insights to see who's watching.
Administration-to-Staff Communication Major project updates, announcements - make them via YouTube. Viewers will feel more valued, and it is much more personal and effective than an email.
Employee-to-Employee Video Mail Next Big Thing? Videomail! Google has created "Google Video" in the hope that videomail will replace voicemail in the near future.
Employee Training Reach a wide audience by putting training videos on YouTube (make them private to keep internal).
Savings on Business
Some organizations are saving lots by cutting down on business travel. However, face-to-face meetings will always have an important place in business. Using YouTube for training will have similar effect.

As some of my readers will know I have a YouTube channel with two series of videos - "How To..." and "Problem-Solving Techniques". It is a very powerful and easy to use tool (not to mention it's free!) to reach a very wide audience.

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