Monday, March 29, 2010

One in a quarter of a million

I see in the weekend news that there are approximately 250,000 iPhones currently active on Irish networks. The Digital Reach Group (DRG) has published some stats on iPhone usage in a survey on the use of smartphones in Ireland. Briefly, the stats are as follows:
  • 35% traffic is though O2 network
  • 10% traffic already through Vodafone
  • Remaining traffic is through WiFi
  • The most popular individual smartphone handset is the iPhone followed by handsets from Nokia’s E and N series and Blackberry’s 8000 series respectively
  • The top five handset manufacturers on the network are 1. Nokia  2. Sony Ericsson 3. Research In Motion (Blackberry) 4. Samsung 5. Apple

The iPhone is certainly getting more popular. In one of my classes last week, 3 out of 7 students present owned an iPhone. Good to see too that there is more competition in the market with the entry of Vodafone, though at first it seems as if there is not much difference between O2 and Vodafone on pricing. In my house we have three iPhones (+ one Blackberry and one Ericsson). World domination cannot be far away for Apple!

While I love my iPhone, I see that not everyone is happy with the it - it has even been blamed for killing the traditional pub quiz

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