Monday, March 22, 2010

Freedom....! - I got my bike back

My precious Harley-Davidson is home after two weeks in Harley Hospital - Motorcycle City in Blessington Street. Graeme and Brian (the best Harley mechanics around) replaced the drive belt, rear tire, and rear brakes. However, it was a small part, a seized "collar" on the axle, that caused such a long delay. The part had to be ordered form Holland. A few hundred euro later and I am back on the road. Freedom.

While I enjoyed using the long cage (DART train), my commute to and from work was an hour each way. How so many people have the patience to do this, and longer, every day is a curiosity for me. The Harley gets me in and out in 15-20 minutes each way - and it's cooler too.

I picked the bike up on Saturday and took the long way home via the M1 and M50 - freedom....!

I have sowed the seeds with Roma about taking the bike to Europe on summer holiday next year. I feel that there are several more long trips in me still. I'd like to go back to Normandy, though we both decided that if we do go to Normandy we would prefer to take a car/van and stock up with wine and Calvados! I've never been to Northern Europe and would like to travel in Holland, Germany, Denmark, and into Sweden - something like this trip to Malmö:

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A guy can always dream........

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