Thursday, March 18, 2010

Virus Attack on my Gmail

I owe several people an apology....

Today I was attacked........well my Gmail was by a virus - I don't recall this ever happening before to me. I think it came from a comment posted on my blog about linking with another blog - I foolishly checked it out, and suddenly without my knowledge emails were sent from my account. Hopefully people who received the email deleted or ignored it. I ran a scan on my computer but it came up clean - hopefully no more damage will be done.

Since an upsurge in spam on my blog a few months ago I have switched on Comment Moderation so that I can filter the comments. Despite deleting the comment, it may have still resulted in being infected.

If any of my readers have got an email with "Dear Friend" in the subject line, please let me know. I do have virus protection software at both work and at home - but nothing seems to be have been detected. Perhaps the protection provided by the PC Rubbers method would be better?

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