Friday, July 11, 2008

9th July – Nothing Day

Today I did very little. I had been up very early writing the below posts. Roma and the girls went to Narbonne for some shopping therapy while I decided to stay in Sigean – pity I didn’t have my bike to go for a spin somewhere L. I went down to the Bar Rotunde for a beer and some Wifi – they know me there by now and brought me out a large Pelforth without asking. I did some web surfing and checked out the news and weather back home – rain seems to be the order of the day. Also sad to see that former Minister Séamus Brennan has died. I met him once in Rathfarnham while he was campaigning for an election. My memory of him if of a very short man – RIP.

In the afternoon after the girls got back we renewed rivalry in the pool at volley ball and relaxed in the late sun. Got a text message from my Mum to tell me that it is still raining in Ireland and that my cousin Clarissa had twin boys – congrats Clarissa and Aidan.

In the evening we went to “Le Galicien” again for dinner - this time all six of us. It is a friendly place and we had upstairs to ourselves. The place still allows smoking which is no longer allowed in French restaurants. The owner tried to persuade the girls to go to a disco in Narbonne – they later tried some Irish dancing in the streets! As in our previous visit to this restaurant, the owner gave us a free bottle of wine – very nice of him to do so, and not something that you would expect in Ireland. We were probably 90% of his business that evening.

After my very early start to the day I was exhausted in the evening and fell asleep before 11.00 – so nice to have an almost “Nothing Day”.

(Short) Bike Update
I called Macadam Moto and spoke to Magda in English. She told me that they were still waiting for a part which was due to arrive that day and that I should call back on Friday morning (10 days after the bike was brought there). What can I do but wait and hope for the best – but I feel helpless and useless about the whole episode.

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