Monday, July 07, 2008

5th July – Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon

Roma and I checked out this morning on-line in the Bar Rotunde to see about Kate Prendergast’s arrival tomorrow. We had a nice coffee and we composed an “un-rude” email to Macadam Moto basically pleading for them to fix my bike in time for me to go home next week.

My email must have worked as I got a call from Macadam Moto to give me an update. The Starter Motor does need to be replaced, but so does the clutch and the clutch cable! The whole thing will cost almost €800 to fix – they wanted to know if they should go ahead and replace the parts. No brainer – yes please! It will be at least Tuesday next before there will be further news – one of the parts (clutch) is not in stock, so has to be ordered. I hope this does not cause further delay – at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This was the laziest day so far on this holiday. All the action was around the pool – Kate and I defeated Vicki and Emma (just about) in three games of volleyball. We also played some table tennis. In the evening we barbecued - lazin’ in a sunny afternoon!

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