Monday, July 14, 2008

11th July – Last day and at last some good news

Today is our last full day in Sigean – it is dull again, but still very warm. I think we had at least five days of dull weather out of the 13 days we have had here. At least it didn’t pour rain as it did back home.

Roma and I went down for a final visit to La Bar Rotunde and had un café et un Perrier (sooooo French?). We also wanted to check train timetables for the TGV to Montpelier for me tomorrow.

I called Macadam Moto for an update and they told me that they were working on the bike but that it would be 5 o’clock before they knew if it would be finished on time – another helpless wait.

We went to Leucate today to visit Roma’s friend Evelyn in her house where we had ice cream and gateaux – Leucate is a lovely town and Evelyn’s house is brilliant. We went to the beach at Leucate Plage for a swim – the beach is peculiar in that the sand is very coarse and there is a very steep entrance into the water. I went for a walk down to the end of the beach, but this was a bit sore on my feet. I walked back by a path to avoid the sand. I forgot my camera, so no photos.

In the middle of all of above I finally got a call from Magda in Macadam Moto to tell me that the bike was repaired and ready for pickup – at last good news! The relief is enormous – now I can travel home as planned. Hopefully there will be no more bike trouble. I also confirmed an appointment with M. Bockmann the Irish Consul in Cherbourg to get and Emergency Passport on Sunday – things are finally looking up.

We are cleaning up and packing as I write this (hey – I did my share!). We are going out to dinner and the girls are dressing up – all look great. Don’t know when I’ll get to post this as I will be getting the train to Montpelier in the morning.

Next stop – St Hilaire de Court in central France. Bonsoir!

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