Wednesday, July 09, 2008

7th July – 80m underground – Terra Vinea

Today I went down to La Bar Rotonde for a beer and ended up having three – this affected me for the rest of the day. The girls joined me (not for a beer!) – Kate and I checked out the GAA results and wondered how Wexford will ever beat Kilkenny in hurling. The big surprise was Cork beating Kerry in the Munster final – despite this Kerry are still 7-4 favourites to win the All-Ireland. We had some fun placing a bet on– in the end I allowed Kate a €5 bet on Cork to win All-Ireland.

In the afternoon, Roma and I went to see one of the Sigean local attractions - Terra Vinea. This is an old gypsum mine that is now used as a store for the local Rocbére wine. It started with a spectacular light show down a mine shaft – all along the side were casks of wine maturing for several years. As we went further underground we went through a replica Roman market – interesting, but a bit too much plastic. Much more interesting were the old tools used by wine makers – these ranged from basic hand tools to small tractors. At the end we had wine tasting – I tried only two or three (I was driving), but they really all tasted the same to me. We had a guide throughout, but she spoke in very fast French and I only understood some of what she said. Nevertheless, Terra Vinea is an interesting experience.

In the evening we to Port la Nouvelle for dinner. The girls played some pool while Roma and I went for a walk on the pier. We looked at an art exhibition, listened to a brass band, and watched some very good boules players show us how it is done properly.

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