Saturday, July 05, 2008

2nd July – Reserve Africaine

Today we went to see a wildlife park just outside Sigean – it is much bigger than a zoo and there is a good attempt to make the habitat as natural as possible for all the animals. The first part is a drive-through where we got to see some bears, ostriches, springboks, giraffes, white rhinos, and lions. The ostriches came right up to the car, but didn’t try to eat us. We also got to see some endangered donkeys and a baby zebra. In the walk-through part we saw elephants, goats, chimps (at a distance) as well as some snakes and alligators. Most popular was a baby tortoise that was feeding in a lake. The leopard was lazy and the wallabies were cute. There is also a large lake with flamingos and an “African Plain” with Gnus, Zebras, and lots of gazelle-like animals – the girls had fun learning all the French names for the animals. We had ice-cream and a visit to the shop (where I bought the compulsory fridge magnet – there are still a few places left on our fridge door to fill). All had a great time and I thoroughly recommend the Reserve Africaine to anyone visiting this area.

We stopped by a road-side fruit & veg shop on the way back to Sigean where we got some delicious fresh apricots that are in season right now. This shop also sold wine – it’s for sale everywhere here. We bought a bottle of some local vin rouge. We finished the evening off back at the villa with a late barbeque and some (actually a lot!) of the vin rouge.

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