Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th July – We Are Sailing!

Despite a few sniffles and sore throats we decided today that we would go on a sailing schooner called the “Lummerie” in Port-Leucate. It was a two hour sailing trip along the local coastline and was very pleasant indeed. Today (Friday) was also the first sunny day since Wednesday, so we were all well splattered in high factor sun lotion. The port in Leucate is full of expensive looking yachts and catamarans – we all wished we had one of these and had some fun picking out our “own” boat from the hundreds on view. The “Lummerie” was built in 1929 and is made up of timber from all over the world. As we sailed out of the harbour I gave a hand pulling up one of the sails - I’m sure there’s a nautical term for this and that I have just demonstrated that I am no sailor. Visibility was great – we could see down into Spain, and along over 180 km of coastline.

After the trip we wandered around the many waterfront shops. I bought more fridge magnets and a hanging ornament for our conservatory to go with our other ones from different countries. Roma and I had a beer in a waterfront bar – it was so hot we had to sit in the shade.

In the evening we went for pizza in another very quiet restaurant – how do they make money here? €43 for the five of us including a bottle of vin rouge – not bad value again. On our way back to the villa, Roma and I stopped off at the “Le Galicien” Spanish restaurant for a glass of wine – a nice way to finish the evening.

Bike update
I had a call from HOG Assistance today telling me that Macadam Moto are “very busy” and that they had not yet looked at the bike. It will be next Tuesday before I get further news.

Passport Update
I had another call (sooo popular!) from both the Irish Embassy in Paris and the Irish Consul in Cherbourg. They have kindly offered to open the Cherbourg office on Sunday 13th July for me to give me an emergency passport. Assuming I have a bike to go there in time – this is great news. Great Britain – please join the Schenken Agreement so that we Irish can too!!!

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