Friday, April 06, 2012

Taste Lecture - MSc Business Analytics

Yesterday I attended a "Taste Lecture" in UCD from the Smurfit Business School from their MSc in Business Analytics. I was looking forward hearing about analytics and perhaps gain some insights as to how this subject is taught in a university like UCD. Alas - it was nothing more than just an information session about their MSc programme. There should be a law against this!

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First - the "lecture" started 15 minutes late as the presenter forgot his laptop. It wasn't worth the wait as an old presentation with only minor modifications (available here and dated February 2010) was used. I didn't learn anything new. The small audience consisted mostly of engineering students - for them this is an ideal subject to pursue as they have the right mix of maths, quantitative methods, and programming. The UCD programme is definitely very technical. Analytics software tools like SAS are not used (except in dissertation) - programming is mostly through Java, R, and Rapid Miner. Perhaps there is an opportunity a more business type MSc?

Afterwards there was free pizza (which was good), and some chat with the programme leaders. I asked about the NDP funding which makes this a very attractively priced programme for students - they certainly have it for next year.

Overall - a bit of a waste of time.

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