Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting the most out of Linkedin

Today I attended a Lunchtime Seminar given by Declan Fitzgerald on "Getting the most out of Linkedin". I have been on Linkedin for some time now with 275 connections and 24,854 in my network since April 16th last. Click on the blue "in" button to the right to connect with me. Declan is CEO of Recruitovate, a new HR technology consultancy company, previous to this he worked for Linkedin. The well attended seminar got to learn about how Linkedin is used in the recruitment business, with some clever use of searches to find the people that you need. Declan also told us about the power of Groups on Linkedin, though he warns that managing groups takes up a lot of time. There was also some insight into how Linkedin makes money through advertising and charging for access. 

This seminar was a fascinating insight into how Linkedin works and how powerful it can be. Declan used the term "personas" to describe how people can be categorized - eg Eugene the Lecturer, Eugene the blogger, or Eugene the biker. Linkedin are looking at how best they can use this network of millions of professionals to both make more money and add new ways for people to connect.

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