Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ideal Home Exhibition

Today we headed into the Ideal Homes Exhibition. We are looking to do some redecorating in our house and were looking for some ideas. The first shock was the €14 charge each - on top of the €6 parking fee we had spent €34 before we set foot inside the RDS. It is only later that I discovered that I could have attended free yesterday, or got a 2 for 1 deal today if I had registered on-line.

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Another shock for me was the lack of electronics - no TV or technology exhibitors. This made for a very uninteresting tour around the exhibition. Insulation was big, with several exhibitors with interesting ideas for "saving" money by insulating your home. Recently we had a quote of nearly €20,000 to insulate our house with outside insulation - the salesman estimated that it will have paid for itself in 15 years! There were also lots of make up stands and food exhibitors. While the exhibition was very busy, it took us just over one hour to see everything. We did ask the Styra Attic stairs man to call to our house - I think it's definitely time that we replaced my home-made attic door with something better.

Overall - the exhibition was a dreadful bore, and a complete waste of €34. Stopping for a pint on the way home saved the day.

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