Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dr Paul Mooney responds

Two weeks ago I responded to Paul Mooney's blast at third-level education and lecturers, in a post entitled "a philistine mind at work". I wasn't the only person by any means to take exception to his article in The Irish Times. He has responded to me via email as he had read my blog post - he also responded to others. His response is posted in full on Professor Brian Lucey's blog, so I'll not post it here. Dr Mooney and I have exchanged a couple of emails and we have "agreed to disagree". He wants to start a debate on reforming third-level education in Ireland - but he started at the wrong place by having a go at Lecturers.

So - in the interest of fairness, I would recommend people to read Dr Mooney's response on Prof Lucy's blog, and judge it for yourself.

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