Friday, March 09, 2012

New YouTube videos this week

Earlier this week I posted four new videos to my YouTube Channel - all are related to Time Series Analysis, and the use of Moving Averages to "smoothen" data and to predict future behaviour. This is the first time I have posted four videos together - two are in my Problem-Solving Techniques playlist, and two are in my How To... playlist.


Apart from sometimes teaching it in class, I have only ever used Time Series Analysis once - it was for my final year project as an undergraduate student in Trinity in 1983 when I studied tidal rhythms in the shore crab Carcinus maenas (L.) - I self-published a paper on this in 2008 (see here for details). My supervisor, Dr John Alrich, suggested using time series analysis on data I had collected for Oxygen consumption rhythms  in the shore crab, and he also pointed out that my charts would look "smoother" - here's an example of the results of one of my experiments using a three point moving average:

Percentage oxygen decrease over time

I don't expect these videos to attract as much attention as some of my others (they have 90 views so far between them in a week), but hopefully some people will find then useful.

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