Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr Michael McMahon on third-level Teaching/Admin/Research workload

Following on from my previous post in response to Dr Paul Mooney's bitter attack on third-level lecturers in Tuesday's Irish Times, I'd like to draw attention to a TEDx talk by Dr Michael McMahon who is Irish, and is a Lecturer at the University of Warwick. This 18 minute talk focuses on "how modern day lecturers try to find a healthy balance between good quality teaching and academic research". He discusses how academics juggle the three main aspects of their jobs - teaching, research, and administration (and actually juggles three balls to prove his point).

Dr McMahon is worth listening to as he describes how institutions and he himself struggles with the demands of students, institutions, and academia. Each pulls the lecturer in different directions, and he is also keen to point out that students have a key role to play in how learning and teaching works.

Again - judge for yourself and listen to what Dr McMahon has to say:

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