Monday, March 26, 2012

The Household Charge

This evening I paid the household charge - €100 that will go towards funding local services, so Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (DLRCC) are €100 richer this evening thanks to me. I don't like paying this any more than anyone else, but it is the law and the money is needed.

Image link from Joe Higgins TD web site.
However, I would like that my €100, and the inevitable property tax that will follow next year be used appropriately. I hope that DLRCC spend it wisely - perhaps on the following:
  • library services
  • fixing potholes
  • keeping the lights on
  • clean water
  • cut the grass in the parks
  • more WiFi services 

I don't want my €100 spent on any of the following:
  • expenses for councillors
  • junkets for councillors
  • wasted on useless bicycle counters (like this one I ranted about last week)
  • parking warden wages in Dún Laoghaire
  • subsidising people who have not paid the charge
There are many people who have decided not to pay, and there are many advocating that people should not pay. The timing could not be worse with the result of the Mahon Tribunal showing how several corrupt gaugers got away with thousands of euro with no apparent consequences for their shameful actions. Nevertheless, I have decided to obey the law and pay. Choosing not to pay because of corruption by politicians is a false argument - we can protest all we want, but we still have to pay.

I listened to the radio news yesterday where there was coverage of a protest in Dublin against the charge. People had travelled from all parts of the country to express their outrage - as they are entitled to do. But how much did it cost to travel to Dublin? Petrol? Bus/train fares? Meals? How many thousands of euro were spent to get to and from the demonstration by everyone present? I'm guessing that many people will have spent at least €30-€40 to protest at a €100 charge - that they will have to end up paying anyway.


  1. Its our democratic right to protest, the French wouldn't just lie down and take it, your right to pay it not out of civic duty but because if you don't you'll go to gaol. lol

    Brian O'Loughlin

    1. When I worked in Scotland people who didn't pay their "Poll Tax" ended up having their wages "arrested" ccj, that's what Margaret Thatcher was remembered for.

      Me again