Friday, March 23, 2012

A Busy Week, but...

This week has been the busiest so far this Semester - and it was Reading Week in NCI! Reading Week is a peculiar time for me. Formally it means no classes, but in my case the College took the opportunity to get me to deliver an extra two day course for a Government Department (which was incidentally a very enjoyable experience - the reason why I am in this job).

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Yet - I spent quite a bit of time this week checking the social media for reaction to Dr Paul Mooney's provocative article Inside third level from last Tuesday's Irish Times. Needless to say - this article provoked much conversation and anger at NCI's former President. His attack on the profession of Lecturers was felt personally by my colleagues and I, as his only time (that we are aware of) spent working at third level was as President of NCI. His article was a major talking point in the corridors of NCI all this week. As Professor Brian Lucey of UCD tweeted today "Haven't yet seen a single person come out saying they think Paul Mooneys allegations on universities is correct" - yet as I write this Dr Mooney's article has received 783 Facebook likes, 98 tweets, 18 Google+, and 278 shares. Clearly some people like his vitriol against us?

While thinking about Social Media, I am more concious than ever that people are watching. For example - I rarely have Twitter or Facebook on during working hours. I also am careful to post only education related blog posts during these hours. I have chosen to do this after a student complained that I had posted a "detailed blog post" while she was waiting for a response to an email. I fear being accused again of dossing.

Anyway - enough of this, I will write no more about what a bitter ex-president thinks of my profession. It's time for the weekend and some welcome rest after what I consider a busy week (even if PM accuses that this is a light workload).

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