Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vanity has struck me and I have registered my full name as a domain name My Blog now points to this domain, anyone using the old address will be automatically redirected to this new domain. The new site is essentially the same as the old - it's my same old blog, but with a new address. Welcome to! Lots of people do this with their blogs, so I am not in the least bit embarrassed at my vanity.

In order to make the site look a bit different from before I have changed the layout a little bit and also added a custom background. I will change the background from time to time, but my first one is a collage of people that I admire, have read biographies about, and been inspired by. Vanity has struck me here too as I have added a photo of myself taken for my passport in 1984. 

I had some fun putting the graphic together. With the exception of my own photo, all the images are pilfered from Google image searches. I decided to go with a black and white theme - some of the photos were originally in colour and I converted them to B&W. All of this work was done with PaintShop Pro.

There are 51 people on this graphic - can you name them all? Most are easily recognised, but there are three or four that most people won't easily get. The first person that emails me with a full correct list will be treated to a nice lunch on me!

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