Monday, May 30, 2011

My Eircom Broadband Connection Still Sucks

I got my eircom bill today. As usual it charges me for a "download speed of up to 8Mb and an unlimited upload and download allowance". As usual this means nothing - as you can see my download speed is just 1.13Mb (14% approx). I've moaned about this before (Broadband woes continue) - I even got a refund from Eircom (fair play) when I made an official complaint. It has been reported to me by eircom that despite the fact that I am an 8Mb NGS customer, the line from my local exchange will only support a 4Mb connection. So much for "up to 8MB" - clearly this lie from eircom is difficult to continually suck in. I accept that "up to 8MB" means that I can expect to get less than this - but 86% less is just a joke.

Now - the joke is worse and no longer funny. Look at the extract from my latest bill below:

Not sure why I blotted out my phone number - it can be looked up in the phone book.

My "unlimited upload and download allowance" is costing me an extra €16.50 (+VAT) a month! FFS! The reason for this is there is a lot if watching on-line TV shows and movies in my house.

What makes this situation worse is that I can't change! I'm sick of UPS and (Craig Doyle) advertising 25Mb broadband - their network here in Blackrock can't support this. Imagine! tried and failed to connect me to WiFi. Magnet say that they need to first take over my eircom line to see if they can do better. I think going mobile is the only option - but I'm hearing that it's not great either.

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