Saturday, May 07, 2011

Learn with YouTube

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I have re-named my auld YouTube Channel - it is now (modestly) called "Learn with YouTube". I am committed to add as many new videos as I can - mostly drawn from subjects that I teach and refer to in class. My two themes are still "How To..." and "Problem-Solving Techniques". I don't plan to stray from this - there are lots of more topics in these areas that I can concentrate on, and hopefully folks can use them to learn.

The channel is going from strength to strength with (as I write) 326,396 video views, 6,301 channel views, and 34 subscribers. YouTube are now providing a lot of "Most viewed" data in certain categories like Education - my Channel is at Number 35 in the Most Viewed in Ireland Education Channels. A quick look through the 34 above shows that not all are educational, and not all are based in Ireland (some have selected Ireland, perhaps by accident, as their location). The "Most Viewed" Education Channel with the location as Ireland right now (with 3,549,215 views) is the photonictech Channel - much of this is in Arabic. Long way for me to go!

I applied some time ago to YouTube to become a member of their Partner Program. Most people do this for revenue sharing, but you need millions of views to even make a few hundred euro. Me - I just want the status, and maybe a Partner logo on my channel! However, my application is still "being processed" - I expect it to be rejected. This may happen due to copyright issues - I am uncertain as to the status of screenshots from Microsoft products in my "How To..." videos.

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