Friday, May 06, 2011

Working without a computer

This morning I am without my laptop at work - I brought in Roma's iPad so that at least I could get something done. However, I have learned that it is almost impossible to do my job without my laptop. What happened? A small problem launching Outlook has snowballed into a disaster - now the only solution appears to be a complete rebuild of my laptop. It is currently on the operating table in the IT Dept awaiting surgery. I'm not looking forward to re-installing applications, re-creating shortcuts, changing settings, and generally getting the laptop back the way I want it.

My workload at the moment now that classes have finished is mostly marking continuous assessment. For the past two weeks I have been unable to do this as I could not open files. I could go to one of the computer labs, but I prefer not to do marking in a public place. In any case I will not have access to My Documents where I have the questions, solutions, marking scheme, and mark sheets. Moodle is the only thing that I have access to - but even this is hopeless without My Documents.

We have become so tied to technology that we are almost totally dependent on it to get things done. I could give a class, but they are finished for the semester. I can't do any course work without my laptop - this iPad is good for email and Internet access, but I can't open and examine a Microsoft Access database file on it (though I'm sure it is possible to do this by purchasing an app).

So what am I doing? Checking personal email, and writing a blog post! This is the first time I have written a blog post during work hours for over a year (lest anyone should think I am skiving off work). I'm going to spend the rest of the morning seeing what I can do with the iPad in an environment where the PC is king.

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  1. Technology has made office work a lot easier for the most of us. It is not surprising how we rely on it for almost everything.