Sunday, May 01, 2011

Two years on Twitter today

@dubl_twopcharts tweeted today that I was a Twitter user for two years - on their bio they state that "With this account we are tracking Twitter users from Dublin. If you follow us we will track your history". I now follow @dubl_twopcharts to see what happens!

The tweet reads:

Image from Silicon Republic.
Today 2 years on Twitter: @JoeHigginsTD, @ClaireTully, @DealHunter_IE, @StudioRua, @eoloughlin and @FionaKinsella

This is the only thing I share with Joe Higgins!

If asked I would not have thought that I was on Twitter for two years - it still seems like a very recent thing that I have been doing. I gave up Twitter (and Facebook) briefly in May 2009, but returned not too long after. I tend not to have Twitter on at work because it is so distracting and addictive. I figured out how to get my Blog posts onto Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, and Linkedin - post once and it appears in five separate places. This is most of my activity on Twitter.

As of today I follow 312 people and have 176 followers. I have tweeted 787 times. Almost every web page that I go to has a Twitter link - it has definitely become very popular in a short space of time. It is here to stay and I will keep it as part of my on-line presence.

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