Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graffiti by "The Little Guy"

Out for a walk at lunch today on Mayor Street Upper in Dublin City centre (here), I took some photos of some graffiti on the boardings surrounding the ill-fated new Anglo-Irish Headquarters. Very thought provoking. This graffiti has been there several months at least - I have walked by it regularly. So I decided to blog about this and record a very emotional piece by an obviously passionate graffiti artist. He is called the "Little Guy" - at least that's the name beside this excellent piece of prose. I'd love to meet this guy - was he a docker? This is very mush a cry from the heart that most of us can sympathize with - a symbol of changed times, and a hankering after earlier days. Read for yourself and see what you think.... 

PS - this is post #600 on this blog!

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