Monday, May 23, 2011

The Future is Glass

I just watched a super video from Corning - "A Day Made of Glass". It gives us an insight into what the future might look like, with all sorts of fantastic gadgets and not a mouse or a keyboard in sight!

This builds on the successful technologies such as the iPad (I still don't have one). In an article, "Education Can Rock Too" - Meg Wilson of EdReach wonders about the impact of these new glass-based devices on education. She asks "What kind of opportunities will technology offer students next?". Just a few short years ago we would have wondered about using the likes of iPhones, iPods, iTouchs, iPads, and the many clones that are out there in the classroom. Simply being able to play a video in class required a degree in setting up video players that students could see and hear at the same time (you also needed a degree in patience in dealing with IT Dept). Now - click on YouTube and you're effortlessly there in seconds, who needs IT Dept! I just hope I get the opportunity to some day use these gadgets in the classroom.

I just wonder about the all-glass bus shelter in the video above - how long would it be before one of our neanderthal thugs takes a sledge hammer to one and smashes it to pieces? There's no such thing as a "damage resistant" bus shelter.

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