Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tommy Fleming at The National Concert Hall

Last evening, Roma and I went to see a Tommy Fleming concert at the National Concert Hall. Roma is a big fan and I bought her two tickets at Christmas. I have always liked his voice, but had never seen him in concert before. He is currently touring Ireland and is bringing out a "Best of.." CD this Friday called "The Best is Yet to Come" (which I'll be sure to get for Roma).

He had a nine piece band which sounded great, and also used a choir for several songs. He opened with "Carrickfergus" and "Raglan Road" and moved on to many well known songs such as "Isle of Inisfree", "Will ye go Lassie go", and "The Green Fields of France". He is best known for songs such as "Something Inside So Strong",  "The Contender", "You Raise Me Up", and "Hard Times" - which he sang with much gusto. A fantastic performance all around. 

There was a break in the middle before which his band played two intrumental pieces from the movies "Cal" and "Local Hero". The second half wasn't as good as the first for me as Fleming sang some songs I had never heard of before. For an encore he did a new song that was more rock 'n roll - very out of place compared to what had gone before. I don't even remember its name.

Overall, an excellent concert, and I'd certainly go to see Tommy Fleming again. I'll also put some of Roma's albums on my iPhone.

Before the concert we had a bite to eat in the Ely Wine Bar close to the NCH. I hate it when waiters place you beside another occupied table when the restaurant is practically empty, so I asked to move to another table. Our meal was pleasant enough - I have a great burger and fries. We had looked at two other restaurants beforehand which did early evening specials whch may have been better value. Ely is a bit over-priced for what they provide (or maybe in these days of recession I am looking for better value).

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