Saturday, January 17, 2009

Restaurant Review - Odells, Sandycove

A quick review of a restauant that Roma and I have not been to for several years. Roma got a present of a voucher for Odells in Sandycove.  We felt the temptation to use the voucher before the restaurant goes out of business.

Odells is a small restaurant that should survive any recession. It was nearly full, with only a few tables not used. The tables are close together - a nice atmosphere. I had teh following (taken from the Odells website):


Louisiana fish cakes with fresh salmon, cod & smoked haddock, served with sweet cucumber relish & lemon and chive mayonnaise (€11.50).


Fillet of Irish Beef. Char grilled with a garlic and red onion marmalade. Creamy Sherry and Green peppercorn sauce (€27.95).

Not cheap, but certainly worth the price. A very pleasant evening.

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