Friday, January 02, 2009

Interview on Newstalk Radio

This morning I was interviewed on Newstalk Radio live in studio by Conor Brophy of The Breakfast Show. I had been asked to make five predictions for 2009 in the Technology area - three of my NCI colleagues had already been interviewed this week making predictions in other fields. Today was my turn.

It's my second time on Newstalk - a few years ago I did a phone interview on jobs in IT, but today's interview was a much more interesting experience in studio. I arrived at the studio at 8.30am and was on air at about 8.50. I had prepared my five predictions as follows:
  1. Easy ones - computers will be cheaper, greener, and more powerful
  2. Increase in the demand for IT courses at third-level
  3. Third World War between Microsoft and Google
  4. Release of Windows 7
  5. New mobile phone features
I was shown to the studio during an ad break and Conor and I had a few seconds to discuss my predictions - he said we had loads of time. In the end, we only got through three (#2 and #5 above skipped). The interview is just under seven minutes long and is available as a podcast in iTunes (or search for the Newstalk). I have also added it here - click on the play button below:

Interestingly, the podcast was aleady available on iTunes when I got home less than two hours later. I very much enjoyed the interview and having listened to the podcast I'm happy with what I said, though disappointed not to have covered all that I had planned.

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