Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama

I watched with interest with several of my NCI colleagues President Barack Obama's Inauguration and speech yesterday in the staff canteen (on an old TV set with a coat hanger for an aerial - recession!!!). Apart from messing up the oath - it was a perfect event. I think I was as excited as everybody else at the prospect of Obama becoming President and at watching a most historic event.

His speech was a masterpiece - I don't think anyone could have been offended by it. His offer of the hand of friendship to all in the world is not a false promise, nor were any of the other promises he made. I really felt like rolling up my sleeves and gettting to work straight away, being prepared to sacrifice, being prepared to take on the tough times - he was very inspiring. Extraordinary!

Leaderhip can be a tough mantle to carry - he has taken the first steps, and his people will follow. Right now he may be in the shortest honeymoon period of any American President ever, but if he does what he says he will do - he has the potential to be elevated to the select group of great American leaders such as Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt (FDR).

Long live the President!

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