Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Get-together - 24th January, 2009

Brian came back to Ireland from England for the weekend and we had a family get-together in Ballingate. Unfortunately Roma could not make it as she was in England for her sister-in-law Fiona Bourke's mother's (Eleanor Lovat) funeral.

I had gone down to Ballingate earlier in the day to get some logs and had a very lucky escape when I was knocked over by a tree trunk being pulled by the tractor. Fortunately it did not break my leg, but I have a very stiff and sore knee as a result. I'll be sure to rest my leg in front of a hard earned log fire.

For the evening, Mum cooked up some delicious pheasant which had been shot by a neighbour (Gerry Myers) on the farm. We had a great chat with plenty of slagging (Brian thinks I'm 50 already and is letting me know about it!). I stayed over night, which meant I could relax a bit more (ie - have a few glasses of wine). A great family evening.

Next day, Dad, Brian, and I went to Carnew for 9 o'clock mass (said by Fr Martin Casey who played for Wexford hurlers in the 1976 All-Ireland final). I'm sure that the last time I was in this church was for Eileen Kelleher's Communion nearly 20 years ago. We were half way up the church and there were only 13 people in the seats in front of us - a far cry from the days when you had to be early for mass to ensure your got a seat.

When I got home to Dublin I had a mouse crisis to deal with - I set a trap and caught one very quickly (got a second on Monday). I think they are getting into the house through a ventilation shaft for the cooker - I'll cover in chicken wire to keep the little f*$&ers out.

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