Monday, September 01, 2008

The Naughty Ladies' Book

I read a book in 20 minutes! Yes really! I read the book while standing in the queue to board my Ryanair flight from Liverpool to Dublin - it sure was a fun way to pass the time and I sped throught the 368 pages in no time.

The book is "The Naughty Ladies' Book" by Helen Exley and I bought it in Lime Street train station in Liverpool on my way to the PNE vs Charlton match last Saturday. I thought it would make a nice present for Roma. It is about 3 cm thick, but only 6x4 cm in size. It is a tiny book. It has 368 pages of quotes - the title of the book gives away the subject of the quotes.

I liked the one by Burt Reynolds "Happiness is seeing your favourite girl in a two-piece outfit - slippers". Also the one by Woody Allen - "My brain? It's my second favourite organ". And "I dress for women - and I undress for men" by the beautiful Angie Dickinson.

My favourite quote however, was a simple one. When asked what she wore in bed, Marilyn Monroe is reputed to have answered "Chanel No. 5" Now there's a thought!

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