Monday, August 15, 2016

What does your Top Ten "Most-viewed Connections" on Linkedin look like? #139

My Top Ten (IDs hidden).
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I am unsure of the value of Linkedin. It seems to be aimed primarily at people who are looking for new jobs (I am not, DG) and I despair when I get an endorsement for something I can't actually do or have no experience in from a person who barely knows me. It has its good points - curiosity makes me check out what my connections are doing and who they are working for. I also follow some really useful people and organizations and do learn quite a bit from them.

I am in the habit of checking out who has viewed my profile on Linkedin and how I rank for profile views. There are two options: one allows me to see how I rank in the National College of Ireland for views (10 to 15 views a day usually gets me into the top 15). Most of the people above me I can recognise as they are a mix of full and part-time colleagues.

Looking at how I rank for profile views among my connections (I am #143 out of 1,248) makes for interesting reading, and further proof to me that Linkedin offers very little to me. Of the Top Ten Most Viewed Profiles in my connections I have (to my knowledge) never met any of them. Furthermore, I do not know who they are and in many cases I have not heard of the organizations they work for. How I ended up connected to them I do not remember. Is it useful to know who gets the most profile views? Perhaps for job-seekers it is good to be connected to as wide a range of networks as possible. But this means that we end up connected to people we don't know, but consider somehow useful to be connected to. I once met a person who actually boasted that she had over 2,000 connections on Linkedin! Does it matter? 

I'm still unsure of the value of Linkedin.

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  1. I can see your point and agree for the most part , however after once being unceremoniously let down by a contract, I found that LinkedIn was a great source for getting my name out there and finding opportunity after relocating to a new area.
    It took a week of LinkedIn plus Google digging and the odd battle with front of house secretary's but I found work and grew my network of client contracts.