Saturday, August 27, 2016

Amy Schumer at the 3Arena #127

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons.
What did I make of stand-up comedian Amy Schumer who hit Dublin last night? I went along for a great laugh with Roma, Claire, and Kate to hear one of the hottest comediennes in the world right now. This was the first performance of a very long tour which mixes some new and old material. It was quite a short show (just over an hour) but there was a brilliant warm-up act before hand to get us in the mood.

Amy Schumer is very crude, but I'm not a prude, who objects to a few rude jokes. She talked a lot in the beginning about her vagina and I kind of hoped she would move on. She is very funny on any topic: sex, dicks, gun control, politics, race - you name it, she has a go at them all. Her storytelling is great and she keep the crowd in the palm of her hand throughout the show. I feel her target audience is a little bit younger than me, and that you need to keep up with celebrity news - she mentioned several celebrities by name who I had no idea who they were. While there were lots of guys there, the audience was dominated by women - my girls absolutely loved the show. Overall - a very entertaining evening even if I found it hard to keep up at times.

On a separate note: they seemed to be much stricter than usual about mobile phones at this show - there were "No Phones" signs everywhere including on our seats, but this message was widely ignored. The stewards seemed keen at first to enforce the rule before the show started, one even leaned on me to tell the guy next to me to turn his off. Their flashlights were just as annoying as phones. Amy asked at the beginning of her performance for phones not to be used and that she would tell us later when it was OK to use them (she didn't).

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