Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More Historic Photos #1916 #292

In the Eileen Ryan Collection there are a few other photos to go with the ones I posted yesterday of Margaret, Patrick, and Willie Pearse. The first is of executed 1916 leader Thomas McDonagh - this is a widely available photo on the Internet. McDonagh was a founder of St Enda's School in Rathfarnham, along with Patrick Pearse, where he was a teacher. I'm sure Eileen Ryan would have known him - she kept his photo until her own death in 1923. McDonagh was commander of the Second Battalion of Volunteers that occupied Jacob’s biscuit factory and surrounding houses during the Rising - this is why he was shot on 3rd May 1916.

The second photo is of a postcard commemorating Thomas Ashe who also took part in the Easter Rising. Ashe was arrested in 1917 for treason. While in prison he and his republican comrades demanded political status. He went on hunger strike on 20th September 1917, but died five days later after being force fed by the British. The poem on the postcard is a fine memorial to this "model of manly grace" - probably published not long after his death.

The final photo is a group photo taken on the steps of St Enda's School in Rathfarnham. We've no idea who the people in the photo are, except that the lady in the front row is Margaret Pearse - mother of Patrick and Willie Pearse. We can't date this photo, though it is likely taken during the years after the 1916 Rising - Mrs Pearse worked hard to keep the school open after her sons' executions. We do not know if Eileen Ryan is in this photo.

Thomas McDonagh.
Thomas Ashe.

Group Photo at St Enda's School, Rathfarnham.

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