Saturday, March 12, 2016

Great-Grandparents - James Byrne, and Margaret Coburn #295

While researching more into my family's history I found in the 1901 census of Britain and Ireland a copy of a census form that I am certain features two of my Great-Grandparents: James Byrne, and Margaret Coburn. I found them previously in the 1911 census when they had started a family and lived in Ballyquirk near Lorrha in Co Tipperary. Nearby is the town-land of Ballinacor where I found "Margaret Coburn" aged 20 who was a "servant" in the household of James and Maria Maher. Her name was easier to search as there is some confusion over the spelling of James' name. If he is my great-grandfather in the 1901 census he uses the "Byrne" spelling of his name, but in the 1911 census he uses "Burns". The name my Mum's family use is Byrne. Their ages in the form below on rows seven and nine (27 for James, 20 for Margaret) are right according to my records. The counties of their birth (Galway and Kildare respectively) are also correct. On the 1911 census James Burns is listed as an "Agricultural Labourer", below he is a "Farm Servant". Given the proximity of Ballincor to Ballyquirk, and the details above, there is little doubt in my mind that the James and Margaret listed below are indeed my great-grandparents. We know that James joined the British Army in the First World War, but have not found even a trace of him in Military records. He survived the war and died in 1925 - I think he would have been easier to find if he had been killed instead. Though Margaret died in 1965 I don't recall ever seeing her.

Source: 1901 Census.
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