Friday, March 04, 2016

Keep on Blogging #303

Keeping up a daily post on a blog is really hard. First - you have to remember to do it (I wrote yesterday's post today). Then of course you have to think of something to write - something interesting that's not shite.

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Jon Westenberg provides advice on "How To Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week". Perhaps his best ideas are to:
  • Plan out your writing in advance
  • Sketch out your posts one week ahead
While this advice is mostly for writers, I don't do either of these. Occasionally I will see something interesting and save it as a draft for later publication, but mostly I have put myself under pressure this year to come up with something new every day. Right now I've no idea what I'll write about tomorrow. Westenberg plans out a whole month of posts ahead, and then sketches them out to prepare for his daily posts. This avoids "scrambling for ideas or direction" - no "excuses". Maybe I should take his advice? 

Only 302 more posts to go!

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