Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Book Review: "Has Anyone Seen Alice?" by P.T. Chambers #305

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Just before Christmas I was given a signed copy of P.T. Chambers' first novel "Has Anyone Seen Alice?". Not one for reading many novels, I left it until after I had finished several non-fiction books that I had received as gifts or that I bought over Christmas. So last weekend I sat down and started this new book about "corruption, betrayal, deception, revenge and murder".

The book is a fast paced thriller very much along the lines of an American detective/crime drama series. Much of the text is dialogue based and you can almost see and feel the main characters on TV acting out their roles. There are no long detailed descriptions of smoke-filled rooms or car chases - this is very much a get-the-story told type of book. No spoilers here, but the author keeps the reader guessing as the plot keeps developing. As you get closer to the end of the book and see the number of pages running out, there is a definite sense of it could all end too quickly. But no - there is a sequel in the pipeline which I will definitely get to find out what happens next.

For a first time novel this is a very good read, and also proves that if you have a story to tell, that there are ways and means of doing so. Good luck to P.T with this book.

Note: P.T. Chambers is known to me and I am proud to count him as both a friend and colleague.

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