Thursday, February 04, 2016

Nine Million @YouTube Views #332

Yesterday my YouTube Channel passed the nine million views mark. As always I am greatly humbled and honoured that the channel has had so many views, and that so many people find my videos useful. Yesterday in the elevator in the College a student, not in any of my classes, thanked me for my statistics videos which he said helped him pass his exams. The 9,007,320 views, since November 5th, 2007, is charted below:

Click image for larger view.

You can clearly see that the upwards trend in views of a couple of years ago at first stalled and then declined. The narrow pointed declines show Cristmas/New Year period each year. This year the decline was to a new low of 1,004 views on Christmas Day. You can also see a very sharp decline from early May of this year - this is the time I introduced thumbnails as graphics to each video in the channel. I removed them in January this year and am already seeing a good rise in views (at the right side of the chart) in response to this move. 

It also took a long time to move from 8 to 9 million views, almost nine months (it took just four months to go from 7 to 8 million). This reflects the steady decline in views this year. There is a lot more competition of viewers on YouTube, and of course some of my videos on the likes of Excel versions 2003 are now getting very dated.

Anyway - as soon as I saw the number, the Katie Melua song "Nine Million Bicycles" came into my head. No doubt it will be an ohrwurm (ear worm) in my head for the rest of the day. Here she is..... Enjoy!

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