Sunday, February 28, 2016

Being Wrong! #GE16 #308

Last Saturday I predicted that the Dún Laoghaire Constituency in the General Election would return Mary Mitchell-O'Connor, Richard Boyd-Barrett, and Mary Hanafin. The betting was as follows:

  • Mary Mitchell-O'Conner 1/14
  • Richard Boyd-Barrett 1/7
  • Mary Hanafin 8/15
  • Maria Bailey 13/8
  • Cormac Devlin 5/2
  • Carrie Smith 6/1

It seemed that Maria Bailey was an outsider, but today she is elected at the expense of Mary Hanafin (whose political career is now surely over?). How things can change in a week! Last week I was writing that Maria Bailey was probably looking towards the next election, but somehow she has surprised the pundits. Fine Gael are being praised for their "vote management" in the Dún Laoghaire constituency.

Only one canvasser knocked on my door while I was at home during this campaign - she was a canvassing for Mary Mitchell-O'Connor. She told me that "their were letters being sent around" asking some supporters to vote #1 for Bailey and #2 for Mitchell-O'Connor, but that we should ignore them and vote #1 for Mitchell-O'Connor. There were no such letters in our area. I didn't vote for Mitchell-O'Connor. During the last election campaign in 2011, she told me on my doorstep that she was only running once. Clearly she likes the trappings of Leinster House.

Fun and games over the next few weeks as the politicians argue further amongst themselves. We have voted for a mix of many parties and independents, and against the established groups. I hope we are happy with the Government we get!

Image Source: Irish Independent.

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