Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Teacher Salaries Are Different Around The World #319

A couple of days ago I posted about how Irish 18-29 year olds struggle with Maths. Ireland has a 29% rate of people not reaching an adequate level of numerical proficiency in this age group. Compared to South Korea (7.1%) - I wondered why such a big difference? Is it our teachers?

According to The Guardian, in an article entitled "How the job of a teacher compares around the world" teachers are treated differently all over the world - and when it comes to pay, there can be a marked difference. Below is a snip from the article web page comparing teachers salaries in OECD countries:
Image source: The Guardian.
Switzerland's teachers have the highest average salary of $68,000, while Indonesia's teachers get just $2,830. It is interesting to compare Ireland and Korea again. From above, the salaries are practically identical, but still the vast difference in numeracy between the two countries. We can't blame low salaries for Ireland's poor performance in the numeracy survey (though cost of living is not included in above survey). Are we attracting the best teachers into our education system where the average salary is $47,300 (€42,500 approx)? 

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