Friday, February 05, 2016

Election Kick Off #Yawn #GE16 #331

So - General Election 2016 is finally here, and the fun begins. Three weeks of election promises are coming our way and each party will make us happier and more prosperous if we elect them. What a bore! 

Two elections ago I got a letter published in The Irish Times about using a colour scheme to both identify and shame political parties who leave their poster ties behind. Today, on our road there are still poster ties from elections past - I think most people will agree that the whole country is still littered with these plastic "fuck you" reminders from our politicians. I challenge them all to remove not just their own, but all ties from lamp posts that they are removing posters from after the election.

Apparently, poster campaigns are very effective. Often I hear about election candidates who have had a brilliant poster campaign, and have benefited at the ballot box. In my constituency (Dún Laoghaire), some candidates decided to put up posters before the official "off" - Cormac Devlin (FF) and Mary Mitchell-O'Conner (FG) suddenly discovering the need for "Public Meetings" that require their faces to grace our lamp posts before the election starts.

Because of this blatant misuse and abuse of the rules about election posters, neither Cormac Devlin or Mary Mitchell-O'Conner will get a vote from me. Do you think I am stupid? Do you for one second think I am going to look up at a poster on a lamp post on my way to the polling booth and think to myself: "Wow - what a great poster - I think I'll vote for that candidate".  Jaysus!

More election rants over the next three weeks!

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