Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Unfollowing 500+ Twitter Accounts #liberating

Recently when trying to follow someone on Twitter I got a message telling me that I was not allowed to do so. It turned out that I had reached a 2,000 follow limit - I had no idea I followed this many accounts! I use TweetDeck as my Twitter client and I had recently noticed that sometimes the tweets roll by very quickly because I follow so many people. 

It was time to unfollow some folks to make room for some new accounts - but how to do this without anyone noticing or offending? fllwrs.com is a Twitter service that gives you a record of who follows and unfollows you every day - I never seem to know the who the folks who unfollow me are. It seemed to me that unfollowing a few accounts would be easy to do - there's no way I personally know more than a fraction of the people I followed on Twitter. So off I went and started clicking the unfollow button. I was surprised to find so many accounts that I had no idea who they were and no recollection of following them in the first place - so these were easy to unfollow. So were some accounts that I knew no longer existed or had not tweeted for a few years. Easy also to unfollow were those accounts who did not follow me. Accounts that I did not recall and had no biographical information were also unfollowed. In fact, before I knew it I had unfollowed over 500 accounts! As I write I follow 1,499 Twitter accounts - down from 2,000. It was a re-markedly liberating thing to do and I certainly recommend it to all to clean out their Twitter accounts from time to time.

Image Source: 10 Reasons I May Not Follow You Back.

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