Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Brief Holiday in Spain and the Price of Beer

I'm just home from a few days in Spain - we stayed in Terrazas de la Torre Golf Report near San Javier. Beautiful hot weather - approx 32C each day, though a bit too hot for golf (we played just 18 holes). As you can see below I had a beer or two - the first was a pint of Heineken for a ridiculous €5.60 in Dublin Airport on the way out, while the second was a pint of San Miguel for just €3.00 in a golf resort in Murcia. Why is Dublin almost two times the price for beer? I suppose tax accounts for a lot but I'm certain that there is more to this blatant profiteering! However, I will admit that they will never put me off buying beer no matter what price they make it!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Rip-off prices in Dublin Airport
A nice pint in Spain for €3.00.

1 comment:

  1. 3 reasons :

    (1) Duty/Tax
    (2) Average/Minimum wage in Spain is much lower than here
    (3) "Captive audience" in the airport