Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting an email virus (and passing it on) #embarrassed #sorry

A few days ago I suddenly got messages from people via email that they had received a suspicious email from me, and warned me that my email account was sending our spam or that it was hacked. I had previously received an email which I was briefly suspicious about, but it was from somebody who I know well that often tries new tools and gadgets - so I clicked on the link provided. I knew straight away that it was a spam and closed the page so fast I don't remember what it said.
Image source: Home-Computer-Support.Org
My sincere apologies to anyone who received an email from me with a Subject line of a word with a space in it. I'm embarrassed that I fell for the trick and also sorry for any trouble I have caused to anyone who was affected in the same way. It also taught me that I should tidy up my my Contacts list - many of the spam emails my account sent out were to dormant accounts.

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