Monday, July 14, 2014

St Michan's Church and the Mummies

I'm sure I am not alone in that there are many tourist attractions near where I live that I have never been to. For the umpteenth time recently I passed by St Michan's Church in Church Street on Dublin's North side, and for the umpteenth time I said to myself "I must go there some time!". Today I finally visited one of Dublin's most popular attractions. 

The church was first built in 1095 and while the crypts date from this time, the more modern church dates from three hundred years ago. Part of the tour of the church is to the crypts underneath where you can see the bodies below:

Image source: St Michan's Church.
The above bodies are thought to be at least 300 years old, with the body at the back (thought to be a Crusader) at least 800 years old. I touched the Crusader's hand which is believed to be a symbol of good luck.

There are plenty of other attractions in Dublin that I have never been to - some day soon I will visit Dublin Castle where I have never been to.

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