Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank You to 5,000 @Youtube subscribers!!!

Over the weekend, my YouTube Channel, Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin, passed the 5,000 subscriber mark. Every day, YouTube sends me emails letting me know that a new user has subscribed to the channel - today so far there have been 10 new subscriptions. Thanks SOOOOOO much to all subscribers!!!

Image Source: YouTube downloads.
The first subscription was on 28th September, 2009 - people from all over the world are tuning in. Once again I am humbled and delighted that so many people find my videos useful and want to learn more. I had hoped to be able to create some new videos over the supposedly quiet period after the exams at NCI, but a persistent cough and itchy throat that I've only now started to get over after three weeks put paid to that. 

YouTube currently seem to be making a lot of changes to their education services. Today I note new categories to YouTube EDU for Social Sciences, History, Humanities, Law, Education, Arts, and Medicine. Clearly YouTube are making a big play for the education space, especially the MOOCs domain. More and more people are now using YouTube as a platform of choice for running courses. Coursera and Edx watch out!

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