Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A new T-shirt, and a tribute to Pink Floyd

Last October I re-named this blog from the rather boring title of "Eugene's Blog" to the much cooler "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" after the song of the same title by Pink Floyd. Eight months later I love using this title - so far, Pink Floyd's lawyers have not been in contact with me! 

When I came across the really cool Redbubble website, I spotted that they had a CWTAE t-shirt by the artist  ssan, so I couldn't resist ordering it. While I feel a little egotistic doing this, I still like the t-shirt. I forced my daughter Vicki to take a photo of me with my trusty axe.

I haven't got the dreaded letter from customs yet to tell me I owe someone money for buying from America - it will be interesting to see what they charge for a t-shirt that cost $21. Redbubble don't like this either, and even  ask for a picture of the paid receipt to send to them. Not sure what they will do with it, but I might join in when I get the payment demand from Customs.

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  1. Cool shirt, I was thinking of getting one myself, but I kinda want a Pink Floyd logo on there.
    On my very first day if college, the first time I had been away from home alone, back in 1972, a mysterious fellow with long straight black hair down to his waist whispered this to me. It changed my life- well, not really, but I never forgot it...