Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feeling just a little safer on the road thanks to Pope Francis I @Pontifex, @harleydavidson

Here's a story, courtesy of the Irish Independent, that I like: 'Hell's Angel' motorbikes get papal blessing! Never mind the stereotyped headline reference to Hell's Angels - Pope Francis I "performed a "Blessing of the Motorbikes" for hundreds of Harley-Davidson owners who gathered at St Peter's Square to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand". I sure would have liked to have been one of the lucky bikers to get such a blessing from the main man himself. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company also presented the Pope with a leather jacket and two new bikes - no doubt he'll give these to charities. A superb job done by whoever in Harley-Davidson's Marketing Department arranged this event!

Pope Francis I is shown a leather jacket from Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Senior VP Mark Hans-Richer, at the Vatican.
Image source: Huffington Post.
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company likes anniversaries - my own bike, a Heritage Softail Classic (FLSTC) is a 100th anniversary model. This year they have special 110th anniversary models and five years ago they had 105th anniversary models. Does anyone else do this? They are milking anniversaries for every sale. I would not swap my 100th anniversary model for anything - 100 years is special, 105 and 110 are not. Maybe 125 years is OK?


  1. You, know leather jacket, gloves, bandana on head, sunglasses, goatee. With the Harley Davidson apparel and all? They act tough like they r in a gang and i should be afraid of them. But i just see a douche bag when i look at them.

    1. Hi "Harley Davidson Leather Jackets",

      Thanks for calling me a "douche bag", I'm not "tough", and you've nothing to be "afraid" of from me!

      Thanks for reading my blog.